You probably heard many times of people burnout at work. When someone is put under extreme pressure at work, it is possible to feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained, that can result in a burnout.
But is the opposite of these factors can lead to something else? under pressured, unchallenged, repetitive tasks, and feeling of no purpose at work. These conditions can lead you to boreout.

This is what I felt in the last three months at work. And based on my short experience with it, I believe it can be as dangerous as burnout. I felt extremely bored with my job tasks, no well to go to work, and high well to leave work as soon as possible. I even started to talk to recruiters to change my job in the hope it would help me get rid of the emotional state that I was in. I started to take antidepressants but that did not help. I found myself extremely unproductive without having any control over it.

What helped was the introduction of a new project at work where I felt interested to participate in. The boredom started to fade out and I felt of some kind of purpose again. What will happen when this project is over? I don' know. But I hope that employers give importance to boreout as much as they might give to burnout. I believe both are extremely harmful.